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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Learning in the time of Covid has been interesting to say the least. Music is meant to be played together live in person as it is very much a physical and interactive experience. We had to think outside the box and adapt, innovate, and be creative with the times. This is what our online music classes looked like over TEAMS.

"Name that Tune" with Steve Maddock (Voice) Steve Maddock - "Name that Bassline" with Mike Allen on the Bass Saxophone. Mike Allen - *

Students came back with amazingly innovative creative musical projects. When we come across tough times, what do we musicians do? We play the Blues, obviously. This is one student's creative project:

Student: Ella Buonassisi "Blue Monk" - Thelonius Monk Self Duet on Trombone using Acapella App

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