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Music Workshops

Our students benefit from musical enrichment working with professional musicians in the field! These are photos from our in-house workshops.

Dr. Jemima Bunn - Concert Band 2022-2023 Workshops Dr. Bunn flew all the way from Australia to be a speaker at the BCMEA (British Columbia Music Educator's Association) Music Conference for teachers on Pro-D Day. We were lucky enough to schedule a session to work with her thanks to the VSMTA (Vancouver Secondary Music Teachers' Association). We learned a lot in one class!

Malcolm Aiken - Jazz Band Workshops 2019-2020 We enjoyed having Malcolm Aiken here so much the first time around, we decided to invite him back another year to do workshops with the Jazz Band this time in preparation for our Elementary School Funk Tours!

"I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5.

Templeton Jazz Band 2019-2020

Mike Allen - Woodwind Sax Clinic "Birth of the Switch Players" 2016-2017 Before Mike came along, no one played more than one instrument. That all changed after this workshop as he inspire many of our young players to take up doubles. Now, seeing a "switch" player (a player that can play more than one instrument) is quite common place in our music program.

Malcolm Aiken - Brass Clinics "Playing with all the Mutes" 2016-2017 Malcolm came in and gave our brass players a workshops on all the mutes you can use playing with different sounds effects and timbre on our instruments! * We would also like to thank Mr. A.J. who filled in for Ms. Yau temporarily while she was on health leave. He brought in Twin Kennedy to work with our Guitar class and students!

Mr. A.J Dowla Twin Kennedy - 2018

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