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Music Trips

Updated: Jun 29

On special years, the band goes on a multi-day overnight trip to compete in international music festivals. In the past, we've done a Seattle Music Tour (2015), competed in the Whistler Cantando Festival (2017), the Anaheim Disney Music Festival (2019). Our trip schedule has been postponed due to Covid. However, we look forward to travelling more in the future and making new memories! Whistler Con Brio Music Festival (2023)

Whistler 2016-2017 Memories Poster - made by student: Cyanea Zhang

Concert Band - Flutes

Whistler Con Brio Music Festival (2023)

Jazz Band

Whistler Con Brio Music Festival (2023)

Templeton Band at Whistler Cantando Music Festival 2017. Ms Yau bumping into her high school music teacher, Ms. J Williams at the music festival 15 years later!


Anaheim Disney Music Festival 2018

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